Confidence is the Key to Success. I’m here to help you get both!

love your body


Refine your Mind

 Stop playing tricks on yourself with unconscious  SUBCONSCIOUS thoughts! SUPREME MINDFULNESS! 

Inspire your  Spirit

Tap into your POTENTIAL to become the unique person you were created to be! Grow Spiritualy with SOUL FOOD! 

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Let me help you enjoy building the FIT AND HEALTHY body of your dreams, FIT AND HEALTHY to live a life that you truly deserve and love!

In my coaching programs we focus on the WHOLE YOU! The REAL YOU – Getting the Results you want from the Inside and Out!

Prepare to enter my Inner Sanctuary Circle

 Join my Waitlist for a FREE  5 day HOME SPA holistic fitness and inner sanctuary focus!

Michele Wilburn  fitness & lifestyle coach & consultant, certified PT, author and producer.

The Starbound Workout, Starbounding. Energyia, Energyia Kinetics, Home Spa Fitness, Med Version Diaeta – they are all my program release formats. For over forty years as a cutting edge professional in the fitness and lifestyle world I have been creative and busy!

As a fitness coach PT and lifestyle consultant I’ve been teaching, writing, coaching, producing and presenting holistic fitness activites for over 40 years! That puts me smack bang in the middle of the BABY BOOMER BRIGADE! More of that later. I embrace the concept of aging positively!

“You’re not GETTING older just INCREASING in Value!”

Health, mobility, balance, stamina and strength are all essential as we move through life and especially into our golden years! Read more about my coaching programmes on my coming soon page at

or contact me by email to discuss your requirements.

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One of the original early pioneers of mini trampoline exercise workouts – I launched my first mini trampoline rebounder workouts about 35 years ago.

Since then I have taught hundreds and thousands of people to bounce, along with my international best seller Starbound books and videos.

Mini trampolines provide great home exercise equipment for use as a support for transformation in a wide variety of my starbound lifestyle plans.

I have a new Global rebounding series launching this year – so get out your mini trampoline rebounder and dust off the springs. Get ready to bounce back with me!

My new mini trampoline rebounding exercise series GLOBAL REBOUNDING IS ON THE WAY!



Energyia Exercise

Energyia Kinetics  is another of my fitness concepts. Energyia Kinetics provides a perfect fusion of cardio, yoga, calisthenics, pilates, with spiritual and mental exercises.

Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday retreats provide a great way for my clients and I to retreat on an awesome holistic holiday in style!

Join me in Europe or the South Pacific  for an awesome holistic fitness holiday retreat. I devised the concept – the first in Europe some fifteen years ago – in the Greek islands and now you in Rarotonga, in the South Pacific





My coaching is designed to help you shift the blocks that hold you back from living life to the full! Looking forward to moving forward and getting to to know you!

You need to stay on the 'Move to Improve!' Above all things your body was designed to move!

Connect with me and share all the benefits of exercise from home!

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